Games Played: 14,180,993  
Registered Players: 1,592,688  
Online Now: 223  

These terms of service apply to the online game. The online part of the game does not require any purchase and is granted as a free service. This service can be revoked at anytime if a player does not comply with the terms of service.
  • I will register only one account. It is forbidden to join a game, or team or tournament with more than 1 account.
  • I will not engage in any activities that will dishonestly improve my score. It is forbidden to modify the application or use any application to cheat. It is forbidden to create any program that will communicate with the server.
  • I will not create alliance in 'Free For All' (FFA) games prior to the start of a game. Team games exist for that reason.
  • Each chat room is dedicated to a specific language. I will use the language of the chat room that I enter as it is not polite to speak a language that others do not understand.
  • I will not post any commercial messages, or solicitations for money (including donations).
  • I will not post any promotional or advertisement messages of any other games, piracy or websites condoning piracy.
  • I will not post any defamatory, insulting, humiliating, threatening, offensive, abusive, profane, provoking, racist or degrading messages.
We reserve the right to ban any account and device breaking these terms. A ban can be temporary or permanent. A ban can also reset a player ranking to it's initial value.

As a UniWarrior, you are part of a smart, worldwide and exciting community! Please help us create a fun and nurturing environment by respecting the following principles:
  • Be respectful and compassionate to others, especially new players. Not everyone is a hard-core player with years of experience. Each UniWarrior has a different story and commitment.
  • Be tolerant and accepting toward differences. UniWarriors comes from different cultures and backgrounds. Remember that many do not express themselves in their native language.
  • Be non-judgmental and open-minded when discussing controversial topics since others will have different perspectives.
  • Be kind and emphatic as some topics like religion & politic can be sensitive for others. Focus on the ideas, rather than attacking the person.

  Your email is strictly used for communication related to UniWar (turn notification when enabled in settings). It will never be given to any marketing company. As players ourselves, we take pride in guaranteeing a spam free experience.  

  UniWar is a FREE game. Unfortunately, IAP are not enough to support our efforts to continuously evolve the game. For this reason, in offline mode, you will see sometimes an interstitial AD at the end of your turn. In online modew When you have more active games than your maximum capacity, we will sometimes show you an interstitial AD every at the end of your turn. Ads are not sexy but they give us the necessary revenues. The AD can be removed in online mode by buying game capacity in the shop.  

  • We are committed to improve and evolve UniWar to make it a lasting game. In playing in UniWar, you are investing in the long term.
  • In addition to Android & iOS, we plan to release a PC, Mac & Linux version.
  • In the near future, we will add more units to the 3 existing races and new races...

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