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*3rd Annual Tourney* >Death is inevitable before the great download migration of 2050, 39At if you lean left ..some might even say it is a terminal inconvenience or a reason to suddenly stop playing uniWAR. All jokes reside (never aside) 1s "curtains being called" is among the few "sure things" in life ..But it's ALSO something we here can, & by bigWAR, celebrate. The Copeab we knew was a smart ass, sure FKN laugh on subjects (can't remember which?!). So let's allow his untimely, spontaneous "passing on strategy" to symmetrically bring our commUNIty together through WAR ..Whatever your background with Copeab, or his asymmetrical MAProwess, he was a genuine, loyal participant in this game of passion. We honor his memory by not just letting it fade from ours. Players may leave us ..but theBIGfatPANDA of our NOT, "WEEworld", plays on plaYA! --> "It's funny the way most people love the dead. Once you’re dead, you’re made for life." -- Jimi Hendrix ..7/10/2020.. Copeab, not Jimi. Go Astros!

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This tournament gives points for the new Championship Ladder to all participants. Championship tournaments are the only way to earn points for this ladder. The number of points received depends on how far you go in the tournament. Championship tournaments will always be random and mirrored.

This is a single-elimination tournament. The loser of each bracket is immediately eliminated from the tournament. All games are unrated & mirrored. Each player play 2 games per round. In the 2nd game, players switch position and race.

The draw is organized by score. It is forbidden for a player to register with multiple accounts. We automatically cancel the registration of inactive players.

All games are created with 12 hours time limit per turn except for the 1st turn which has 1 day time limit. Each round of the tournament has a maximum of 14 days. For unfinished games at the end of a round, we compare the statistics of the same number of turns for each player, the winner is the one who has
1.Captured the highest number of bases
2.The highest total value of killed units
Otherwise, the game is a draw.

Rounds can be automatically prolonged by participants with the chat-command #needtime maximum 3 times for 48 hours each. If additional time is needed, players can contact the tourney manager with a personal message at least 48 hours before the round ends.

Each game gives points based on the outcome.
Win= 3 points.
Draw= 1 point.
Loss= 0 point.
The player who has the most points in the bracket advances to the next round. When both players have the same number of points at the end of a round, the winner is the one who has
1.The least number of rounds for all the WON games
= rounds for all games.
= rounds for WON games
2.The highest total value of killed units for all games
Otherwise, the winner is randomly chosen but that should never happen unless the participants did not make any move.

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