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What unlockable Achievements are there in UniWar ?
Flawless Victory - for winning a random game without losing a single unit and destroying enemy units for total of 1000+ credits.

Super Veteran - for having a veteran unit that has veterancy points 5x it's own cost. Ex. 500 points Marine, or 1250 Speeder.

Teleportissimo - for winning a random game in which you have teleported 10+ units.

UV Combo - for destroying 2+ units with a single UV blast.

UV Stop Capture - for destroying a capturing unit with an UV blast.

What are these chat commands starting with # available in UniWar ?
#needtime - request extension of tournament round time.

#nohurry / #showmercy - during enemy turn you can request to reset timer and avoid automatic exclusion of the missing player from the game.

What are these map hashtags ?
#SPC - turns Single Player Challenge mode for the map. The games are automatically started vs BOT and can be easily restarted.

#TEAM - enables team mode for this SPC map.

#NOFOW - disable Fog Of War for this SPC map.

#AI1 / #AI2 / #AI3 - force BOT algorithm for this SPC map.

#RNG123 - 123 can be any number used as random seed at start of the SPC game. This makes attacks in the game to have repeatable outcomes for every player.

#BLITZ2 - 2 is the number of minutes that the timer gets reset when player in turn opens the game. This modifier lets you have the usual 24 hours to make your turn, but only 2 minutes to think about the moves.

#BLIM5 - 5 is the round number during the game when the bases get depleted and do not produce crystals anymore. Cities, however, provide crystals during the whole game.

#RNGBUILD - fun game mode that makes all your empty bases to build random units for free. This way players do not have control on what to build.

#RNGBUILDANY - same as above, but player bases build random units of any race. Even more fun!

Uniwar PRO: Is it mandatory ?
No! Uniwar Pro is just the way to improve players game experience. Anyone can continue playing without buying Uniwar Pro account
Uniwar PRO: Do I lose my UNDO button or UNITS that I already own ?
NO! Everything you have already acquired in the game stays with you.
Uniwar PRO: I have Units and Undo button - will I lose it after Uniwar PRO ends/expires ?
NO! Everything you own in the game will stay with you after Uniwar PRO ends. So you can try it for free without worries.
Uniwar PRO: Why would I buy Uniwar Pro if I already have Undo buttons and All Units ?
The most significant advantage of Uniwar Pro for old players is AI robot, who will backup your turns when someone skip your turn We are all humans and sometime we just can not take turn in the online game - so this feature may prevent your instant loss.
Shop/IAP: Invalid purchase, it was made with a different account.
It means that you were logged with a different account when the purchase was made originally. In order for the purchase transaction to complete, you must log into the same account that you used at the time of the purchase. This will validate and complete the purchase. Once the transaction is cleared and processed, then you can go to the SHOP and GIFT the Uni-coins yourself to your other account.
Forgot password or username ?
The app. can send you a link by email to reset your password. Here are the steps to follow.
  • In the 'CURRENT GAMES' screen: select the 'BACK' button to log off.
  • In the 'UNIWAR' title screen: select the 'PLAY ONLINE' button.
  • In the 'LOGIN' screen: select the 'Forgot your password?' button.
  • In the 'SEND PASSWORD' dialog: select the 'CONFIRM' button.
How to verify my email?
Many features require a verified email because we want to avoid fake players. Having a verified email also allows you to reset your password in case you forget it. To verify your email:
  • In the 'CURRENT GAMES' screen: select the 'HOME' button.
  • In the 'HEADQUARTERS' dialog: select the 'MY ACCOUNT' button.
  • In the 'ACCOUNT' screen: select the 'VERIFY EMAIL' button.
Your email is strictly used for communication related to UniWar (turn notification when enabled in settings). It will never be given to any marketing company. As players ourselves, we take pride in guaranteeing a spam free experience.
How to remove automatic games ?
By default, your PLAYER or TEAM account is configured to automatically create a new game when you have less than 2 games. To change your PLAYER account:
  • In the 'CURRENT GAMES' screen: select the 'HOME' button.
  • In the 'HEADQUARTERS' dialog: select the 'MY ACCOUNT' button.
  • In the 'ACCOUNT' screen: you can configure the minimum amount of random games that you want.
To change your TEAM accounts:
  • In the 'CURRENT GAMES' screen: select the 'HOME' button.
  • In the 'HEADQUARTERS' dialog: select the 'MY PROFILE' button.
  • In the 'PROFILE' screen: find the team that you want to edit.
  • In the 'TEAM' screen: the team captain can configure the minimum amount of random games that you want.
How to configure Push Notification (PN) ?
There are 2 ways to configure PN. Either at the OS or the app level. At the OS level, you can only turn ON or OFF the PN. In the app, you control which messages you want to receive or not.You can separately enable or disable
  • The blinking light.
  • The sound.
  • The vibration.
To configure the PN at the app level,
  • In the 'CURRENT GAMES' screen: select the 'HOME' button.
  • In the 'HEADQUARTERS' dialog: select the 'MY ACCOUNT' button.
  • In the 'ACCOUNT' screen: select PUSH NOTIFICATION settings button.
  • In the 'PUSH NOTIFICATION' screen: you control all the options for the PN.
Why am I seeing advertisement at the end of my turn?
Ads gives us the necessary revenues to continue to improve the game.If you enjoy the game and want to get rid of ads,you can support us by buying any amount of Unicoins in the game store with real money.This purchase will update your account status and you will no longer see ads in the game.
How to increase my game capacity ?
Each game requires a storage unit to be playable.A capacity of 20 allows you to play 20 simultaneous games. Finished games don't use any storage unit. You can increase your game capacity beyond the capacity received at account creation by:
  • Earning extra capacity through tournament rewards (coming soon).
  • Using the 'refer a friend' program (coming soon).
  • Buying extra capacity in the shop.
How come I have less game capacity than others ?
As you have probably noticed in player profiles, different players have different game capacity.The game capacity depends on when the account has been created.
  • When the game cost was $5, new accounts received a capacity of 20 games.
  • When the game cost was $1, new accounts received a capacity of 10 games.
  • When the game became free on the 24th of December 2015, a capacity of 4 games + 4 extra games as a promotion until the In-App purchase shop became available.
  • Starting on January 20th, when the shop was released, new accounts receive a capacity of 4 games.
All game capacity acquired are permanent except for overflow games that come from participating in tournament. An overflow game is a game that is created by a tournament when the player is already at full capacity.
How to change my user name ?
You will be able to change it very soon in the 'MY ACCOUNT' screen. It requires uni-coins to do it. Uni-coins can be earned or purchased in the shop. You can always create a new account if you prefer to not spend any uni-coins. To do so, we recommend first:
  • To delete your previous account (feature coming soon)
  • Or to replace the email in your existing account so that you can re-use it in your new account.
How to report a bug ?
Please send us an email at support@uniwar.com and tell us:
  • App. version
  • Device model
  • OS version
We will appreciate your help to improve the game.
Why does my purchase say 'Verification failed' ?
Unicoins are linked to the player account used at the time of the purchase. In some rare cases, a purchase can not be immediately completed. It means that the associated Uni-coins have not yet been deposited in your profile. Each time you go in the shop, we try to complete the purchase. For security reasons, the server will refuse to complete a transaction from an account if the purchase was initiated from a different account. If you log again with the original account and go to the shop, then your transaction will be accepted and completed.
Can I transfer Uni-coins between accounts ?
The shop allows to buy an item called 'gift to a player' starting from version 1.8.63. This item allows to transfer Uni-coins between accounts. Only Uni-coins that have been bought can be transferred. You can not buy the gift with Uni-coins that have been earned. This restriction is put in place to prevent abuse.
Where are the maps created by the players?
The community has created more than 30.000 maos. To access them:
  • Go online.
  • In the 'CURRENT GAMES' screen: select the 'PLAY' button.
  • In the 'CREATE GAME' dialog: select the 'CREATE CUSTOM GAMES' button.
  • In the 'GAME CONFIGURATION' screen: on the map, click the button with an 'ARROW' / 'POINTER' icon and it will open the MAP BROWSER.
How to access the Map Editor?
Go online,
  • In the 'CURRENT GAMES' screen: select the 'HOME' button.
  • In the 'HEADQUARTERS' dialog: select the 'MAP EDITOR' button.
How do map tokens work ?
To publish a map online, it costs one map token. Map tokens can be bought in shop . Once a map has been published, it is immediately available to the community and it can not be modified anymore except for the map name and its description. Publishing another version of that map or a new map is the same, you need another map token. If a map has never been played or marked as a favorite, you can delete it and your map token will automatically be refunded. In the near future, we will allow to create mission which are maps with the added features:
  • Lock the race for each player.
  • Usage of all units not only marine, mecha and underling.
  • Define objectives for winning.
  • Create triggers and conditions.
How to chat in the game ?
In order to be able to chat you need to have:
  • A verified email.
  • A minimum score of 1550 and a few victories OR you can buy a pass in the shop.
What are linked accounts ?
Accounts become 'linked' when a player logs in the same device as another player. Linked accounts affect the following abilities:
  • to register to tournament
  • to create new teams.
  • to new account.
Sharing accounts will not affect a tournament game after the tournament has started unless the tournament has a maximum score restriction. Example:
  • Player Xavi (score:1600) registers to a beginner tournament requiring a score lower than 1700.
  • During the tournament, Xavi shares his account with Kralux (score:2000), then the accounts from Xavi & Kralux become linked.
  • Because Kralux was not allowed to register in the beginner tournament due to his excessive score (2000 is above the 1700 limit), Xavi will be eliminated at the beginning of the next round by an automatic surrender.
Linked accounts are automatically unlinked after 30 days or on legitimate request to any moderator like Simsverd.
How to become a beta tester ?
For Android, you can instantly become a beta tester by visiting the url below:For iOS, send us an email at support@uniwar.com and tell us:
  • Player name
  • Device model
  • OS version
  • Username in game
How to become a moderator ?
We have an evaluation process. You need to have a decent score and be knowledgeable about the game. If you meet these criteria, we invite you to contact the player 'Simsverd' in chat or invite him to a game.
How to contact the developers ?
Contact the player 'Xavi' in chat or invite him to a game.
Can I contribute to the game?
Yes. We are looking for artists, programmers and translators. Contact the player 'Xavi' in chat or invite him to a game or write us at support@uniwar.com
How to create new maps ?
After creating an online account,
  • In the 'CURRENT GAMES' screen: select the 'HOME' button.
  • In the 'HEADQUARTERS' dialog: select the 'MAP EDITOR' button.
After publishing your map, it will be instantaneously playable by anyone including you.
Why is there an IAP shop ?
The game used to be a $5 Paid game. Now, it is a Freemium: It means that you play for free and you can buy premium features using In-App Purchases (IAP) to support further development of the game. In the shop, you can buy Uni-coins the in-game currency to buy additional items like
  • Extra Game capacity.
  • Extra Archive capacity.
  • Undo turn tokens.
  • Map creation tokens.
  • New units.
  • ... and many more will be added progressively.
We believe in fairness. You will never be able to buy features that affect the strength of units. The ability to 'Undo turn' seems controversial for some players. We believe that it does not change the outcome of a game and it is an important convenience to fix a mistake. If you don't want to spend money, you will be able to earn Uni-coins in playing the game and in tournaments.
When are the new races coming ?
We don't have a schedule yet as the races are not yet decided. Feel free to add your ideas to the forum.
When are new campaigns coming ?
We are actively working on a mission editor that anyone will be able to use. This mission editor will be released in 2 steps:
  1. To allow to select any unit from any race and lock the race to a player position.
  2. To allow to put trigger and conditions to create the scenario of the mission.
How to delete my account ?
We don't have the ability yet to delete account manually. We will add it later this year. If you don't log into your account for some times, your account is automatically deleted.
How to change my preferred race ?
You can not change it. Your preferred race is automatically defined by the race that you play the most.
Download issues ?
The download of the application is managed by Google Play itself. You need to contact their support. They have also answers to frequently asked questions here: Google Play Support. A common cause of download issue is the SDCard, try downloading without it to see if it helps.
How to create custom tournaments ?
To create custom tournaments you must have the special privilege of tournament organizer.

Once you have the privilege, you can select an existing tournament that matches the most and tap 'Copy as new' on the tournament.

The new tournament will appear on the list in 10-30 minutes visible only to the tournament organizers.

After that you can edit tournament to update its settings and rounds timeline.

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