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Re-joyce UniWarriors! The NEW TILES have now been unlocked! Anyone can now use the new REEF, OCEAN, BRIDGE, ROAD, CHASM and CITY to create maps. Except them very soon in tournaments. CITIES grants half of the income of a base and don't require to be captured. Map Makers, it's time for action!
  Apple/iOS update 1.9.63

Good news for iOS players. The much anticipated version 1.9.63 is finally available worldwide on the iTunes AppStore. This is a significant and mandatory update. In the future, we will not support any version older than this one.
  Livecast: NEW UNITS revealed

This Sunday, November 26 at 11am PST, 2pm EST, 19:00 GMT. EnnuiGoblin will livecast the first 3 NEW UNITS that will be released December 10th. Watch it on YouTube Gaming. Don't miss the live lottery for a chance to win a T-shirt, Beanie or Uni-coins. If you miss the Livestream, you can watch it later here.
  Livecast: NEW TILES revealed

This Sunday, November 20 at 6pm EST (23:00 GMT). EnnuiGoblin will livecast team games and discuss the 6 new map tiles that will be available next week. It will be broadcast on YouTube Gaming. Don't miss the live lottery for a chance to win a T-shirt, Beanie or Uni-coins. If you miss the Livestream, you can watch it later here.
"Worth every penny! Finally a decent in-depth multiplayer strategy game."
iTunes review by Blazeshdow
"The game is absolutely a blast to play."
iTunes review by Sunnyohno
"Strategy Lover's Dream. It's truly been the best few bucks I've spent in the AppStore as far as games go."
iTunes review by Dave.Philly
"...It's probably the best strategy game on the iPhone right now..."
"Seriously impressive game... has it all: online multiplayer, rankings, friends and chat puts this game through the roof!"
iTunes review by airheadRYE
"The best turn-based strategy game. If you like strategy wargames, this one is for you. Endless hours of fun."
iTunes review by 3bucks
"The best mobile turn based strategy game I have played."
Hunter Chamberlain
"An Absolute Must Have Game... The depth is amazing..."
iTunes review by SixfingerMusic
"...I'm truly in awe of everything that has been captured and neatly packaged in UniWar..."
AppCraver - 10/10
"It's so much like Starcraft but turn based it's amazing... totally worth it."
iTunes review by Johnsbar
"Simply put, Uniwar is my favorite strategy game... This is a MUST HAVE for all strategy fans."
iTunes review by DevRW
"Spellbinding. Nearly a year... and I play it every day. Not many other apps even come close to the longevity and details of this app."
iTunes review by Peace of Landru
"...It's impossible to pass up if you're even remotely interested in turn based strategy games."
"I am totally addicted to this game now! For $1, it's a real steal. I play it constantly."
iTunes review by Kevred480
"You will never get more fun out of $5 than with this great game. It manages to have the fun of the Starcraft computer game, without the complexity."
iTunes review by ParkWalk
"Absolutely fantastic. Great strategy game. High replay value. So many features..."
Google Play review by Benton Huang
"Incredible replay value. This is the only game that I've bought and still play on a regular basis."
iTunes review by cbDejaVu
"Best Strategy war game out there imo. Best App I have ever bought, its a Fun game"
iTunes review by Seacoat
"A true must-have game. The replayability of this game is off-the-charts..."
Google Play review
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UniWar is a turn-based strategy game where players battle it out on the field with units of different races, building bases and using the terrain to overcome their opponents towards victory. Several modes are available along with many maps to play.

Register and play online against strangers or friends, in free-for-all or team matches, and move up in rank as you gain points for every victory.

You can have multiple active games and play them when it becomes your turn.

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